Northern Arizona Psychological Society

The Northern Arizona Psychological Society (NAPS)

Our leadership consists of Treasurer--Megan Gavin, PhD, President--Sherri Ruggiero, PhD, and Secretary--Dan Phillips, PhD

Our Meetings: 
NAPS is a membership organization of mental health professionals with the goal of providing a high quality continuing education program and networking opportunities. We meet the third Friday of each month in the education building at NAU. Our presentations are 1.5 hours, except for September when we offer a 4-hour presentation to cover the licensing requirements of Domestic Violence/Child Abuse and Ethics. Membership renewal occurs each September for the next year for a fee of $55 (which includes the cost of the September workshop with lunch $30 and a yearly membership fee $25).  We are fortunate to have a rich variety of speakers, mainly from Northern Arizona, who have covered topics such as Fractured Relationships, Preventing Elder Abuse by Working with Caregivers, Healing Developmental Trauma, Phone Apps in Psychotherapy, School Violence and Bullying, and Virtual Reality Therapy in Clinical Practice. 

Upcoming NAPS Presentations
(we meet at NAU – COE room 201 the third Friday of the month)

  • October 18, 2019 Current Research and Treatment for Eating Disorder
    Room 190*
    Dr. Cabrera, Rosewood Eating Disorder Treatment Centers
  • November 15, 2019 Understanding Integrated Healthcare by evaluating Stress and Its Relationship to Chronic Illness
    Dr. Bennett Edgerly
  • December 7, 2019 Holiday Party at Dr. Dan Phillip’s Home
    Evening (time TBA)

  • January 17, 2020 Child Development, Trauma, and Adoption
    Boris Gindis

  • April 17, 2020 Neuropsychological Assessment: The Right Tool for the Problem
    Dr. H. Daniel Blackwood

Dan Phillips, PhD 
Email: [email protected]

Previous Meeting Recap:

On Friday, September 27th NAPS hosted its biannual 4 hour ethics training.  This year we invited an ‘All Star’ team to engage a mock board hearing with four vignettes.  Our guests that formed the board included Dr. Ramona Mellott, Dr. Fred Wechsler, Dr. Bob Bohanske, Cindy Olvey, Jeanne Galvin, and Joe Thompson, and Dr. Faren Atkins as our psychologist/attorney.  We are grateful to Dr. Andy Hogg, Dr. Sherri Ruggiero, and Dr. Daniel Phillips for being willing to participate as complainees to the mock board.   Attendees were engaged in the process with questions and insightful comments.  Many were replaying parts of the presentation afterward, posing questions, and talking about potential changes they would make to their paperwork and practice.  Main take-home points included not to practice beyond our training, experience, and abilities.  In addition, not resting on one’s laurels, but critically thinking through each step, each case, identifying each client and then getting informed consent specifically from the client.  One board member said psychologists tend to get themselves in trouble from a desire “to be helpful,” but let that get in the way of sound judgment regarding what is safe and in alignment with our code of ethics.