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  Domestic Violence | Steven H. Everts, J.D. (2 hour)
  Trauma Informed Screening and Care for Intimate Partner Violence | Kathryn Doyle, Ph.D. (2 hour)
  Parent-Child Contact Problems | Robert DiCarlo, Ph.D. (4 hour)
  Responding To This Moment | Martha Duffer-Ramos, Psy.D. (2 hour)
  Why Blacks Resist Treatment | Evelyn Burrell, Psy.D. (2 hour)
  Ethical, Legal and Personal Considerations in Closing a Private Practice | Andy Hogg, Ph.D., et al (2 hour)
  Elevate Your Parenting By Staying Grounded | Michael Redivo, Ph.D. (2 hour)
  Relearning The World In Grieving | Thomas Attig, Ph.D. (4 hour)
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