Thank you to our contributors!

Arizona Psychological Association and the Arizona Psychological Foundation work together to make Arizona a better place to be. We appreciate your generosity and support of our organization. Your contributions ensure that we can continue to support our mission of professional development of psychology in Arizona. Thank you!

2020 Contributors

Philip Barry, Ph.D.
MaryAnne Belton, Psy.D.
Andy Bernstein
Leo Caraballo, Psy.D, ADPP
J. Rick Day
John Delatorre
lore dickey, Ph.D.
Melissa Flint
Andy Hogg, Ph.D., ABPP
Patricia Johnson, Ph.D.
Bethanne Keen
Rebecca Lahann
Warren Littleford
Lesley Manson
Christopher Nicholls
Alison Reuter
Mark Rohde
David Sbarra
Neil Stafford
Scott Sindelar
Joseph Stewart
David Weinstock, JD, Ph.D.
Ellen Williams, Ph.D.
Laura Wingers
Stephanie Vitanza, Ph.D.

2019 Contributors

Tim Ayers
Andy Hogg, Ph.D., ABPP
Patricia Johnson, Ph.D.
Richard Muszynski, Ph.D.
Daniel Schulte
Karen Sullivan
Mark Rohde, Ph.D.
Spectrum Psychology Wellness

2018 Contributors

Anne Stericker
Christina Katen, Psy.D.
Felix Salomon, Ph.D., Psy.D.
Jospeh Stewart, Ed.D.
Marcus Earle, Ph.D.
Mark Rohde, Ph.D.
Philip Barry, Ph.D.
Richard Muszynski, Ph.D.