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member testimonials

The clearest vision of the association is through the eyes of our members.
    • I use the Find a Psychologist feature of the website regularly, at least weekly. It is very helpful to me when I’m asked by colleagues for referral and when I’m looking to refer one of my patients’ family members. I have often told trainees to use this valuable resource. - John Barton, Ph.D., Phoenix, AZ

    • I learned about AzPA as I was preparing for a permanent move to Tucson from northern NJ, where I’d been practicing for 18 years. In March I attended a continuing education event and was delighted with both the content of the training and the tone and spirit manifest at the event. 

    • As a total stranger, and in addition to a number of impressively diverse members being very friendly and positive, I found the AzPA staff particularly helpful in welcoming me and "orienting” me about the psychology community in Arizona. I realized how important such a professional association was in both supporting the existing community and helping it to grow.

    • I returned to NJ for my last few months there, got on the AZPA listserv immediately, and jumped right in to several conversations that captured my interest and were quite relevant to issues and concerns that we were grappling with back East. 

    • Feedback on the listserv was quite positive and welcoming, and in fact led to my first referral here, from a Phoenix psychologist, who’d apparently liked what I had been writing online, and after checking out my website decided that I would be a good fit for a family member who lived in Tucson. - Andrew Bernstein, Ph.D., Tucson, AZ

    • I am grateful to the List Serve because I had an avenue to vent before I acted on recent situation. I could just get on my computer and feel supported and helped. I have been involved with many organizations over my life, as I need to be involved in something greater than my little life. I impulsively became president of NAPS and then became involved with AzPA. I have met some amazing people with different opinions and skills. All of this is incredible, so I am expressing gratitude to all of you who have enriched my life and my practice. - Sandy Brim, Ph.D., Flagstaff, AZ

    • Being a student member with AzPA for the past 3 years has been extremely beneficial in my development as an up and coming psychologist. Within AzPA , I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many professionals, including the privilege of being a committee member on the AzPA Ethics Committee for the past year where I have started to bridge the gap between classroom and real life applications. As students, I think we operate under the premise that we do not have much to offer or are afraid to offer suggestions because we are in the learning phase of our career. By doing this, we limit ourselves as students and do not contribute to the profession. I have found AzPA and its members to be very supportive. They are interested in hearing from us and value our fresh ideas as we are the future of the profession. They are vested in our development as evidenced by scholarships available to attend the yearly conference. Student membership with AzPA is a wonderful experience that needs to be utilized by many more. - Amy White, MPA, Peoria, AZ

    • I have been a student member of AzPA for the last two years. I continue to gain valuable resources and connections that I would otherwise not acquire. The professional members have been so welcoming to the students and encourage us to seek informal mentorship and participate in any way we can. The annual convention also provides a great opportuni-ty for students to practice their networking skills and participate in events specifically designed for students. As the co-chair for the Student Affairs Committee and an active member of the Ethics Committee, I am on my way to building a strong network that will help me reach my goals as a future psychologist. - Michelle Mugge, MA, LPC, Anthem, AZ
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