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Working with DBT: Tips and Tricks for Sustainable Care (Student, Postdoc, Retired)

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Presented By: Katie Brazaitis, PhD Program Description This presentation will provide a brief overview of the clinical presentation of borderline personality disorder. It will also introduce dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), the most empirically supported treatment for this diagnosis, including the fundamentals of DBT and key assumptions about patients and providers to give context for its acceptance/validation and change mentality. Validation, boundary setting, and consultation will be discussed at length to support sustainable practices, maintenance of compassion satisfaction, and high quality of care. Participants will be encouraged to share their challenging clinical experiences to engage in collaborative problem-solving, discussion, and role plays. Program Level: Intermediate Learning Objectives 1. Describe two validation and boundary setting strategies to support deeper therapeutic rapport and increase compassion satisfaction. 2. Demonstrate two ways of setting boundaries with compassion, clarity, and decisiveness. 3. Identify at least one opportunity for processing and consultation to support practice sustainability. CE Credits: 2
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